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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

More scrummy papers

I saw these papers and I think they're divine today, they're the SEI winnies walls collection, gorgeous, if you haven't seen them before and you have more money than I do at the moment then you can look out for them HERE

I have had a lovely afternoon with Looby making a collage picture, Looby loves cutting at the moment so we cut up loads of paper and ribbon and fibres and then made a lovely collage, I decided to donate a box of old fibres to her and Abigail for their crafty collection, Abigail hasn't seen them yet and I expect she will be on the verge of ultra excitement when she does as she loves pretty stash as much as I do, sh even keeps all her stuff in a 12x12 pizza box now.

I had a huge migraine earlier and so off I went to bed with my injection but with the house being so toasty warm, I was so warm and snuggly that I didn't want to get up even when it was gone, Looby was asleep anyway so it was nice to have a wonderful nap in peace, half expected paul to also be asleep when I got up but he was watching Mythbusters!

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Mandy Charlton, Photographer, Writer, Blogger said...

Teeheehee, I bought those ones from the scrapbook shop last week! Actually though they're on a kind of textured paper and some of them are nice but some of them are not as nice in real life and they feel a bit cheap.

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