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Thursday, March 09, 2006

I've hatched a cunning plan

The thing is, I could do with some spare cash, I want a sewing machine and there's so many fabulous new products coming over from CHA, I can't possibly buy them on my meagre income, well not without the children complaining about not getting fed or having shoes! LOL So I figured I might just do a little Ebaying, I did some last year with all of Pauls star wars collectibles and that pretty much paid for Christmas and some goodies for me too, however since I don't have any collectibles around I have had to come up with a plan B. So here's the plan, it just so happens I have a load of paper and some paperbags, an excess of ribbon and fibres and I'm even going to sacrifice some Prima flowers, I'm making up kits and going to see how they go, however I made just one up before tea-time and it took me half an hour before I was sure that I had a kit which I would want to buy. I haven't even begun to get as far as putting anything on Ebay yet, Wish me luck that I make it by the weekend!

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