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Friday, March 10, 2006


Good morning and happy friday, I just bought another bottle of Primas, i couldn't help myself, it was all the fault of papermaze who had just gotten in all the scrummy seasonal ones in, if you havent seen the spring ones you must go check out Papermaze
If you have a passion for Primas then you are going to love them, I did want about 6 different types but I was being good as I had also just ordered the new Making Memories flower foam stamps which are in really short supply over here at the moment, I bagged mine from ScrapRevolution

So I now have spent all the spare pennies which I can afford at the moment without anyone noticing that they're having to eat jam and bread for a month :D

It's Grey Murky and Wet this morning, I'm feeling yucky, I have some kind of flu bug which is making me feel very hot, achy and dizzy, it started on tuesday and just keeps hanging around waiting to attack!

Was looking for leisure wear yesterday for my forthcoming hospital stay, it's hard to find something which is loose around the tummy area whilst still being stylish, I guess I am going to have to get tracksuits and trainers which are so not me, although paul always says he likes me in the sporty outfits, I fail to see that but as long as he's happy! LOL

Right, it's stalk the postie time, hopefully he will be bringing treats for moi and we surely must be due for a competition win as it's prize draw time of the month.

Paul has decided to sell the fish-tank set up that he won last week, we really don't have room for it so he said he would sell it and split the proceeds with me, OOOhh Goodeee.

We have Nanny Mcfee to watch on DVD tonight so I have promised the kids that we can have a movie type evening with ice-creams and pop and popcorn, hopefully we'll have a lovely family night!


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