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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The plan of the week

No actually thats the plant of the week LOL

The plan of the week is slighty harder to achieve.

The car has decided it doesn't want to go anywhere again and it's going to cost over £100 to fix, £100 that we haven't got right now, Paul is stressed to bits poor lamb so this is my quest for the week, sell as many kits on Ebay this week as is humanly possible and then give the proceeds at the end of the week to Paul, yes it means no goodies for me for a couple of weeks but paul does stuff for me constantly, it's time to give a big bit back. So I popped 1 kit on this morning and it sold this afternoon and I have just put another 3 Rob and Bob paperbag book kits on and also a huge altered art book kit. We've also put on the aquarium set up that Paul won, the gameboy I bought him that he used once, and a brand new shaver that Auntie Vi bought him for Christmas, Paul doesn't do electric shaves!

I really want to get down to some serious crafting myself but I'm shattered, it's been a busy old day again with all the kids here and all in Caged animal form, you don't realise how much you miss your car till you don't have it. They all have the enormous treck to the bus for school tommorrow, since we moved we live quite a long way from the school, if you walked it would take atleast an hour to get there, so it's a hike to the bus stop and then a 20 min journey on said bus, pray for me that it doesn't rain or we'll have awfully wet poppets.

OOh I did get a bargain at the charity shop today, the most beautiful longsleeved lilac gingham shirt for Abigail, £1.50 and she loved it, she's going to look smart at nursery tommorrow :)

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