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Saturday, March 11, 2006

The flu has won

Yes, my body finally gave in to the bugs this afternoon, I now have flu and I feel just awful, I have a really sore and yacky throat with spots in it, I have the shivers and I'm as hot as a hot watter bottle, except that I have freezing cold fingers and toes.

The girls and Iain all had a great day at Grandmas and came back full of the joys of spring, Iain has gone straight round to his friends and the girls have just popped off to bed, i wish I could have got a load of things done but I just feel awful, I put together about another 6 or so kits to sell on Ebay and I'm hoping prospective buyers will see the love thats gone into preparing them, I thought long and hard about each one and you know I think it shows, I think all you need to add is some photos and journalling or maybe a nice hand-cut title. Fingers tightly crossed then because I really want a sewing machine, abigails birthday is fast approaching and there are far more Primas in the world than I can afford. :D

It's forecast for heavy snow tommorrow, I'm hoping it will if I still feel like this and then I can watch out the window whilst Paul plays out in the snow with the kids, he said he would get up with the girls in the morning so that I can stay in bed and sleep if I'm feeling poorly, gotta love my hubby!

I'm off to read Scrapbooking memories :)

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