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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Yes it's been one of those Bored Beyond Belief days today, we have had nothing to do whatsoever and can't go anywhere after the car cost us so much money for it's MOT, tax and insurance last week. So for over a week we have lolled about, kept up to date with chores and generally been bored, I haven't had any new scrappy goodies for ages and I think it may be making me a little cranky!

Only a couple more weeks and then we should be back to having a little cash and blimey I can't wait, I have a list of new things which I need to procure. plus I promised my girls I would actually buy them Charlie and Lola on DVD so that WHSmith rentals can have their copy back! LOL

So whats on the menu for later, well it's a steak and chips night as thats basically all thats in the freezer, apart from chicken breasts and pork chops which we have already had this week and then maybe a little light crafting, Paul wants to do an ATC for a swap he's invloved in and I want to have a go at doing a Lauren Childs (charlie and lola) inspired LO, oh and I have been doing an online doodling class so I have todays lesson to catch up on.

TV veiwing tonight will mainly consist of my personal highlights, The Apprentice which began it's second series last week and looks like compulsive veiwing and Desperate housewives which is one of my favourite programmes.

Right then back to charlie and lola.....

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