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Thursday, March 02, 2006

What a night!

Oh yes we have had a night and a half here, we asked Iain to tidy his bedroom and as he has aspergers we proceded to have things thrown at us, then the matress fromthe bed ended up in the kitchen ( 3 flights of stairs is quite a long way) and in the end he threatened to jump out of his bedroom window so that he would be dead, well as you can imagine this was not good so we ended up with mum and dad here and it took a while to sort out. We have got there I think and mostly due to Iain having a new routine of not being able to run off to grandmas all the time, in future he'l be spending exactly the same amount of time with them as the girls do, he's just been using it far too much lately and for once he really had to realise the seriousness of his threats and also that the world doesn't revolve around him.

It's all a little disconcerting but I think we coped well with it, we stayed calm and in the end even though it took several hours we got it sorted and a resolution which was on our grounds and not his or my mums which is what it usually ends up being.

No one said that parenthood was easy.

I count my blessings though that mainly life is good and our children only have occasional outbursts and I have a wonderful and supportive husband who helps me deal with such things.

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