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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I really should be doing the chores but....

I couldn't resist sharing this paper with you all, it's from the new Scenic route range, i adore Scenic route but re my last post I really can't afford it at the moment, BTW I told my hubby about it and he didn't shout he just said he kind of knew as I always spend too much when I am down but not to worry we'll sort it , he's a rare gem to put up with me! Anyway if you have much more money than I have you can go and ogle this paper and the other ones from the range HERE

I love Scenic route they're one of my favourite paper companies.

Ooh one of my lovely email ladies asked me a question the other day about card-making, Alice if you are looking in, then this is for you, I don't make cards in advance, I like to think long and hard about the person that I am sending too and hopefully pop something of that persons personality in the card, of course what actually happens it that I panic because I leave it till the last minute and then they get the first card I come up with but the thought is there, if I ever really sort myself out early enough the the lucky recipient will truly have something to look forward to. Oh to be organised and sane and excitedly happy all of the time :)

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