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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Shaggy Dog stories

Well not so much shaggy as small and shorthaired actually, you see there has been this little dog in a harness wandering our streets for a little while, the friendliest little doggy. So last night it was barking and barking, so remembering I had some dog food, I opened the door and in walked "Mr Barker" we looked at the harness and managed to remove it but it was clear that it had been wearing it for months and it has considerable graze marks on the back of it's legs, quite honestly it's sickening that people can treat animals like this. Iain even says he knows who it belongs to and they live quite far away but it's just left to roam the streets, this makes my heart ache and after seeing the state of it's legs I took the decision that it won't be returning there anymore. Paul is going to take him to the vets this morning and also get him a collar and lead, I'll try and take a photo of him later. He's just gorgeous and little and friendly and I am sure that the vet will agree that it should stay with us. As for Poppy's reaction, Mr Barker is scared of Poppy at the moment and Poppy just wants to play, she's keeping him in check for us! LOL

Happy days with a new addition to our household, as I said to Paul in this house 1 more makes no difference, we already have a menagerie!

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