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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Good Morning!

Good Morning, I had such a bad nights sleep, I think it may have something to do with the scrapping though. Just lately I have been feeling amazingly inspired and excited about scrapping again which is just great, I think I'm starting to see the fun in it again, you know sometimes it feels like a chore and for me especially when you have no money for the new and coolest supplies, yes I know I probably have enough to last a life time but everyone knows that scrappers are also shopaholics too.

So the thing is with this new inspired doodling style the pages are costing very little, last nights cost just over a pound although I think I might need a new Zig pen. The only thing was that I was bent over concentrating on the doodling so hard that I sent the muscles in my neck into spasm again which of course also didn't help with the sleeping.

So although I am tired today and my neck is aching I can't wait for my nightly scrapping session to have a go at more new and interesting techniques.

Right then must take granny shopping today and must go and read some more blogs, I hate to miss the daily updates, funny as I'm not really interested in celebrity but I do like to know whats going on in the lives of other people, mostly ladies and mostly scrappers.

See you all later.

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