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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More snow?

So, firstly I wrote this great entry this morning and did it through Picasa which then lost it when I tried to upload the photo, I'm grrrrr mad about that, the photo capabilities of blogger are just carp, it takes forever to upload a photo if and when it ever works and then you lose huge postings when you try and do it through picasa, I can't see me keeping this blog if thats what keeps happening, I may have to resort to paying for one through type-pad. Ok have now resorted to photobucket post this photo which was taken out my window at 7.40am this morning, we were in the middle of a snow storm would you beleive.Image hosting by Photobucket To me it seems like the weather is a month behind, you know it was warm unil November and now it's more like february than March. The crocuses of course still refuse to be knocked and remain a little pot of sunshine outside the back door, I'm sure they smile at me whenever I pass them in a "Don't worry it's nearly spring" type of way. I can;t beleive the clocks go back at the weekend.

I had such a bad nights sleep because of pains in my neck and head again. I was in tears last night as I lost it with the girlies and put them to bed for being rowdy, I felt so awful afterward that I went and apologised to them both and explained I was just grouchy as I haven't had much fun with migraines lately and that I knew it wasn't an excuse and that I was really sorry. I think they forgeave me and this morning Abigail told me that she thought I was a star which was really sweet. I still feel awful though, it's just not like me to be shouty.

The postman came about 5 mins ago with a new parcel of goodies, some of those coloured crystal making memory brads that I ordered at the weekend, a bottle of the prima copper top daisies and 4 sheets of Junkitz paper, 2 from the flowerful collection and 2 from the rhythmz collection. I do love crafty goodies :)

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