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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Still ill, quick update

Just a quickie update as I haven't much to tell , mostly due to the fact that I am still ill, I think I have what the americans call Strep throat and you know what I can't ever remember my temperature being so high for so long. I'm off to the doctors tommorrow so I'll get her to check me out.

It's persistently snowed here today but would you believe that we still only have about half an inch lying, it's just been too wet and sticky. No crafty projects either as I haven't had the energy, I am planning on starting a weekly challenge on my UKS team tommorrow though all being well so I thought that I might just pop it up here on my blog too and if you all want to join in then thats just brilliant and if you produce anything fabulous don't forget to let me know, you can email me it and I'll pop it up on the blog for all to see.

Not entirely sure the details of it yet but all I'll say is we will be working in 6x6 as it doesn't take too long so it's not going to seem so scary and hopefully we will all pick up some new techniques along the way.

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