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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pride and Prejudice

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Our film of choice for date night last night was Pride and Prejudice with the divine Matthew Macfadyen and the glorious Keira Knightley. What a sumptuous and most beautiful movie this is, the mists, the sunshine, the colours, the acting was superb, Donald Sutherland was amazing in his role as was the ever wonderful Brenda Blethyn, the only slight disappointment for me was that Matthew, whilst being kind of brooding in a dark and handsome type of way is NOT Colin Firth a man for whom the role of Mr Darcy was written, probably by Jane Austen herself (LOL) No one plays Mr Darcy quite like Colin Firth. Anyway Paul enjoyed the movie much as I did so a pleasant evening was had by us both. Sleep would have been lovely but for another night migraine, I'm really becoming quite like a pin cushion this week, my thighs are one big mass of bruises from all of the injections, which at the last count had reached 18 in one week which surely can't be too good. sadly I think I must go and see my neurologist even if just for a little reassurance as I really don't fancy popping my clogs on the operating table in May, in fact I would rather not have any popping of my ruby slippers until I am atleast 126 thank you very much. Maybe the hint of witch in me will keep me around till then :D

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