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Saturday, March 25, 2006


Yes i know it's an odd time to be watching Christmas movies but it was the next on the DVD rental list and it was date-night, oh and we also had Deuce Bigalow but they put the wrong DVD in the case so Pauls watching "Elektra" at the moment, not even going to pass comment on that one ;)

So Noel, well it's kind of got a star cast with Susan Sarandon, Penelope Cruz, and Robin Williams. It's about miracles happening on Christmas but I have got to tell you, this is not a fun and laughter movie, this is quite heavy going, it was a nice movie though, it was heartwarming, well acted and some of the imagery used was indeed beautiful. I'm not sure it's the one you want to watch on Christmas eve, maybe a tad too depressing but the film does indeed offer many positive messages in it's own way so I do feel that this is one to hire, although if you are feeling sad and low, maybe leave it till a brighter day.

I'm pleased to say that Abigail has been a little better today but she was so tired that she fell asleep at 5.30pm, the illness is so exhausting for the wee ones. Iain is quite upset at the moment as he looks ill and feels ill but he knows he can;t go to grandmas unless he is well tommorrow so as you can imagine, he's not liking that idea. I'm pretty sure we'll have him up during the night and that he's got the bug. As for Looby, well she had a fab day with grandma and grandad, came home happy and bright at 6pm and went to bed with a story at 7pm, Looby rarely gets ill and even when she does it's not like the others, I have only once known her be really ill and OMG it was so scary, it was like she just stopped and the world stopped with her for a whole week. Lets pray that she doesn't get this awful bug.

I think I may have a touch of the flu, I have had a temperature since Thursday, I feel shattered, slept for 12 hours last night and today I feel like my joints are atleast 90!

Paul is off to footie again tommorrow, now that the season is over they are playing friendlies so joy of joys guess who gets the pleasure of looking after the sick children on Mothers day. I did get my presents this afternoon after they had all forgotten and rushed out to Asda and came back with 3 bunches of flowers, 1 from each child, I'm not complaining although the price of the flowers were scandalous considering they were only small bunches, I also had some crafty goodies during the week, it just makes me a little mad that they hike up the prices of flowers at certain times of the year, I really hate capitalism sometimes.

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