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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm entirely hurt

Paul completely changed his tune this morning, we gave Mr Barker a new collar and then Paul made him go, he said we couldn't keep him and that if I were worried I should phone the RSPCSA, he didn't listen to any of my reasoning and I am so mad and hurt, he just can't see why we should take the dog in, even though I believe that we could give him such a nice life just as we do with Poppy cat, of course Abigail and Looby were upset just as I was and we're not speaking now, I have told him that he has hurt me and it will be a while before I forgive his utter selfishness, he did say that maybe I could think about getting a puppy but that will probably never happen. I never even got to take a photo of lovely Mr Barker. He said we had done the right thing giving him a new collar and a bed for the night and food but that we had to let him go, well you know I think that God sent Mr Barker and now he's going to be mighty angry, so I'll now expect lots of bad luck to follow.
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