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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm entirely hurt

Paul completely changed his tune this morning, we gave Mr Barker a new collar and then Paul made him go, he said we couldn't keep him and that if I were worried I should phone the RSPCSA, he didn't listen to any of my reasoning and I am so mad and hurt, he just can't see why we should take the dog in, even though I believe that we could give him such a nice life just as we do with Poppy cat, of course Abigail and Looby were upset just as I was and we're not speaking now, I have told him that he has hurt me and it will be a while before I forgive his utter selfishness, he did say that maybe I could think about getting a puppy but that will probably never happen. I never even got to take a photo of lovely Mr Barker. He said we had done the right thing giving him a new collar and a bed for the night and food but that we had to let him go, well you know I think that God sent Mr Barker and now he's going to be mighty angry, so I'll now expect lots of bad luck to follow.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Mr Barker :( Cubby is right and if you'd have kept him it would have been stealing.

The local council has to take stray dogs through the dog warden and they have to house them for 7 days, after that time they become the property of the council and you could then give him a home.

Report to the RSPCA especially as you know who the dog belongs to. Keeping him could have ended with problems and with a dog that is used to roaming he may not be happy at staying in a house anyway.

Sending you lots of hugs, and you won't get bad luck due to not keeping the dog, after all you gave him a good night out of the cold and filled his belly.


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