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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

It's Catching!

Well would you believe it, I think there is some kind of blogging bug in the air as Paul asked me if he could start one, I said fine and went about setting one up for him, however as with most sites blogger didn't like that we both wanted to use the same email address and the same website, have they not heard of couples? So off I went over to iBlogs to set his up for him, hopefully it will help him sort out his mind which sometimes is more of a muddle than a ball of wool which has just been attacked by a playful bunch of Kittens!

It's all getting a little dark and stormy here and you know me, ever hopeful that snow will still arrive, it seems that most people in the country have it apart from the ones who really want it, a few friends who are complete snowbies like me are very sad today and a little jealous of all that snow up in the north of Scotland and down in the south of Wales.

Did I mention that my friend becomes Welsh today, she is American by birth but today she becomes welsh, you know who you are, sending lots of cuddles on your special day :)

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