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Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday Cometh....

Oh yes it's Friday again and atlast we have some money in the bank, we can eat again, HURRAH :) :) :)

There's nothing like a week of being broke beyond belief to make you grateful for the things you do have.

I'm a bit like a caged animal this week though as I haven't managed it out of the house, i did try to go to grannys the other day but I got halfway along the street and had to come back again, I just couldn't do it, without the car for protection I am doubly agoraphobic, and you know the thing is when you have agoraphobia you can't just walk into your local agoraphobics anonymous meeting because no one ever turns up :D :D Sorry couldn't resist that one, it's my favourite joke about my own condition, I have to laugh or sometimes I would start to cry and I'm not sure how likely I would be to stop.

Anyway enough of the maudlin, I was going to order groceries online with Tesco but they charge £5.99 for delivery on a weekend which IMHO is slightly outrageous so Paul says he'll just do multiple walks to Morrisons which isn't so very far away, I may even attempt to go with him, we'll see how brave I feel later.

It's damp and dull again in Newcastle today, it feels like it has been damp the whole week, I suppose the more rain we get now though the better the flowers will be in the summer.

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