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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lazy Sunday afternoon!

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Yay I did a layout, I haven't managed a lot of scrapping lately as I have been so very busy doing the ebay thing and basically being ill, which can sometimes feel like a full time occupation ;) Anyway, I had this photo on my laptop for a couple of weeks and I had to scrap it, taken in one of Loobys impromptu naptimes, Paul saw fit to take advantage as per usual :)

Well it's still quiet, Paul and the kids went off to his dads about half past one and haven't returned yet. I popped 3 more kits on Ebay but they're premium ones using really great supplies so I'm trying to sell them at a fixed price, mind you I do think they're absolutely worth £3.99, I would pay that!

I'm feeling the urge to scrap some more now so I better strike whilst the iron is hot.

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