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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Finally a meal that everyone loves, no one complained at all and Looby actually brought her plate back for seconds, it was definetly a rush for the camera moment but sadly I was too busy cooking pancakes for the five of us, I did eventually manage to get one and they were yummy, one of my most favourite meals of the year. Don't get me wrong we do occasionally have pancakes for breakfast but usually those are the big thick american ones, you know sort of like a drop scone so I get to cook up a huge plate (we put sultanas in and just a little sugar) and then we all sit round the table butter them and enjoy one of our famous Charlton family breakfasts, now these don't happen to often as they involve everyone being in one place at the same time but we do try and have them on special occasions, anymore and I think we would all be 3 stone heavier, being that they usually include bacon, sausage, potato scones, scrambled eggs and beans/tomatoes/mushrooms, oh and usually some toast for good measure. I remember our holiday in the highlands, I was always up first which is so unlike me but the mountains energised me and we had proper breakfast the whole week, all whilst sitting round the table, Looby in her car seat as she was only a few months old, watching the birds at the window boxes and the sun come up from behind the munroes. When I am old and grey, I hope I can be old and grey somewhere as beautiful as the highlands. The photo on this entry is of a layout I did a about a week or so ago when we were at the park and saw our first snowdrops and
crocuses reminding us that even though today it snowed (for all of 2 minutes) spring is most definetly on it's way.

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