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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Still No Snow, great photos and fabulous friends

Good Morning,

well still none of the promised snow, in fact it's astoundingly cold, crisp and beautifully clear today, am praying for even just a little, I love taking photos of the kids messing about in the snow but we haven't any this year, even when it did snow just after Christmas the temperature had dropped to minus 10 and it was too cold and hard to play in.

I just entered the month Photographic competition on with this wonderful photo of Looby, the subject this month was emotions so I think it qualifies, i'm not banking on winning any prizes but hey if you don't try then you have no chance!

In other news i received the most wonderful parcel of goodies from my friend today, I had loaned her a copy of CK and she sent back a plethora of wonders back, she really made my day, she made me the most wonderful pocket/tag book and i was just gobsmacked by the sentiment, It's a wonderful feeling knowing that someone actually spent their own free time making something for you.

Oh I also received my copy of this months Creative Scrapbooking, one of my friends has an astounding 3 layouts in this month, I'm really chuffed for her, she's a lovely lady and I really hope that she manages to find fame and fortune in the scrapping world soon.

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