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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Will Men ever really get it?

So lets recap, 3 weeks ago tommorrow I had major surgery, 3 weeks ago today I gave up smoking, my hormones are currently on holiday somewhere near the bahamas and still I'm not allowed to get grouchy or even occasionally upset. Paul however is allowed to throw strops whenever and whereever he pleases and then it's usually my fault.

I wouldn't mind but I have been trying so hard to do as much around the house as possible, to be as happy and smiley as possible, to not moan too much about the pain that I'm still having, to get on with life and not worry that my hormones only occasionally send me a very hot postcard.

I never usually negatively blog about my hubby because he is generally wonderful but just like most of us sometimes he can be an utter Cad!

I love him more than life and I hope that we are together until death occurs, hopefully sometime in our mid 90's but just at the moment I wish I didn't have to apologise for everything and for his strops as well.

Photo is Looby trying to swallow my entire camera i suspect! LOL, myabe she's just got a face that says, no men probably won't ever get it!!
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