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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tuesday Ten! ;)

I have nothing really to report from over night in the Charlton house, nothing much really happened between my last post and now, well not that I can write about here LOL!! teeheehee!

So what I thought I would do is have one of those tributes to the biggy list bloggies which my hubby finds so infuriating, gives me a chance to aggravate him for a change.

So here's a list of 10 favourites in no particular order :-

Ben Folds
Dr Who
My hubby
The West Wing
Green Wing (Ah how I'll miss you till you return)
David Tennant
Ewan Mcgregor (seems like ages since I saw him last)

and again in no particular order 10 pet peeves :-

smelly pumps
fried eggs with runny yolks (euwwww)
nasty people
Yacky Sticky messes
My Scar

On that note, dear reader I am off to have a bath as my pain killers have kicked in!

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Anonymous said...

They do indeed infuriate me, i know it shouldn't but hey....

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