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Monday, May 01, 2006

I love Classes

Ah, I feel like I just got back on my favourite horse again, we're having a Cyber crop class in the Craft Kingdom on Saturday to celebrate National Scrapbooking day, so I have been beavering away making 2 projects for the class which I am going to be teaching. My lovely co-owner is working on a challenge and there'll be a prize for the winner. It's just a little exciting as I really love teaching classes, I love coming up with new and interesting techniques, doing the project, writing the actual class but most of all I like seeing what a talented bunch of people do with their interpretation.

Basically without giving too much away but still being a little bit of a tease dear reader we'll be upsetting some paper! More details on the Craft Kingdom if you fancy it.

We're breaking ourselves in gently with just 1 class involving 2 projects (a layout and an ATC with altered microscope slide) and then a challenge, so if you fancy taking an hour or two out of your busy schedules on Saturday why not join us for a little fun.

So thats been my afternoon, lots and lots of crafting, I also had to make a card for mums birthday, the thing is dear reader, I adore papercrafts but for some reason Cards are hugely challenging to me, however I did manage to come up with a couple which I liked, I'll decide which one to send mum tommorrow.

Iain has arrived home having had a great day, he of course came in and then went out to seek another friend and their up on Iains playstation now.

Paul and the girlies are not expected back for another hour and as much as I rejoice in my own space I have to say I really missed them all today.

Not sure I'll get on tommorrow till the evening so if I don't see you all till then have a wonderful Monday night and a super Tuesday!!

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