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Monday, May 01, 2006

Another You tube morning

Well now then , you see the thing is with You tube you never quite know what you are going to get, I tried going the playlist route but lots of clips get removed and some of them are verging on copyright infringement, well actually thats kind of a grey area, so anyway what I have done is found a clip from the Press Reel of the OBC of Wicked, this is not infringing anything!! It's a great fabberoony clip of Idina singing "The Wizard and I" I also found a couple more clips from the press reel so I'm gonna probably change it in a few days to a week, I found her singing the most amazing rendition of Deying Gravity also from the press reel but I thought we would travel with Elphie on her journey, so at this point she's just arrived at the university of Shiz and no one likes her (on account of being green) she gets into a bit of a tizz and the magic comes, Madame Morrible sees the magic and tells her that she hasn't seen talent like that for years and how she could be famous. I know I'm kind of summarising but honestly I love this song it's just brilliant. Also listen for all the lyrics which laugh at themselves like "I'm so happy I could Melt" and "When people see me they will scream"

So basically thats been my morning, spoke to Jane my friend who had her eye op, for those of you who know Jane, the inflamation has gone down again and she's getting there but frustrated to not be able to talk to you all in the Craft Kingdom!!

Had a migraine and injection number 1 refused to work, so injection 2 seems to have gotten it. Sang the Wicked soundtrack whilst gadding about online and thats it, 1 whole morning and half an afternoon devoted to sheer nothingness, don't you just love it and doesn't the time seem to fly by.

I'm off to pop in my dinner now!!


Anonymous said...

Just a couple of random thoughts.

Didn't Kermit have a problem with his colour and sang a song "it's not easy being green"


Did the wizard make the Emerald City in honour of Elphaba or did he just like the colour?

Anonymous said...

Opps forgot to sign the last one :blush: smiley


Mandy Charlton, Photographer, Writer, Blogger said...

Ok so the point about why Elphie is green, well you see the thing is that the Wizard was actually Elphies real father, he had an affair with her mother and used to make her take a green elixir, i.e. drugged her. Now apparently the genetic thing means that only the girls get the green gene so in the next book her son Lir is pink.

I don't know why the Emerald city was green though!

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