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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Super Sparkly Saturday

I know that title is not related at all and in any way to the post which I am about to write but the thing is dear reader, it's hard to come up with constantly new and interesting titles when lets face it, nothing much is really new and exciting at the moment.

The photo is Abigail and some goats last summer, self explanatory really! Goaty my goat loving friend will like this one! :)

I thought I would just finish todays post with 5 random thoughts.

Why does Looby know how to speak spanish but not use the potty? (maybe Dora hasn't used the potty yet!) Actually she refuses to use the potty!

Why do the flowers on my Rowan tree not smell half as nice as they look?

What is the point of tamagotchi?

I dreamt about Scrapbooking last night, oh and paypal too :D

Iain lost another tooth yesterday night, there can't be many to go now!

I challenge my hubby when he reads this to come up with his 5 random thoughts for the day, you can guarantee his will be far more interesting than mine!!

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Unknown said...

Don't feel bad.. I am addicted already also to BB7. Thursday night i had it on the Telly, then i had House on the play room TV, and Charmed upstairs. What is this world comming to. for goodness sake there isn't really another on for the rest of the week spread the love!!!!!

Well at least i now have someone to dish with..

I cant stand Shabaz (or however you spell his name) Like Pete (didn't think i would) and i like the posh guy.. but he isn't saying much but he is cute.. .. Really like Pete and im surprised at that.

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