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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Happy National Scrapbooking Day

Actually it's sort of more like international Scrapbooking day as most countries with scrappers seem to be celebrating it, any excuse for extra scrapping eh?!

More piccies celebrating Abigails 4 years on the planet, can't beleive that I didn't even have a digital camera or indeed a PC when she was born. Progress seems to quick these days, when you think my granny didn't even have a fridge when she was young.

She was a pretty little poppet dear readers but Oh my this girl has been full of angst since the day she was born, she could stop traffic with her screams, she still can! LOL

But for all of her moments she has given us 4 wonderful years of being a bright little girl, she's quick as a button and excelling even at this early stage of nursery, what she gives us in angst she makes up for with ultra cleverness, yes I know I am biased but this is a little girl who just did everything early and continues to impress us with her abilities.

I must remember to read this back whenever she is having one of her famous tantrums! LOL

So much to do today, we have to pick up the cake, the party bag presents, wrap her birthday gifts, make a card, buy all the food for her pink party, yes I think we're trying to get as much pink food in one sitting as possible. We also have to tidy the house, wrap presents for pass the parcel, and somewhere in the middle of all of that I have to teach a cyber class at the Craft Kingdom. I should get it uploaded around 2pm and Kirsteen came up with a challenge at 10.00 where you can win a pizzabox full of stash, if your reading this and wondering what to do today, you can either come round to my house and help me tidy and clean or you may want to join the Craft kingdom and try and bag yourself some new stash, I know which one I would choose!!

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