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Friday, May 05, 2006

Here comes the Sun!

It's been pretty much wall to wall sunshine here over the last couple of days and I have been making the most of it before my op next week, hopefully it will rain the entire time I am in hospital and for the next couple of weeks afterwards till i am well enough to get out again! We went to Morpeth for a couple of hours earlier today and all the ducks and ducklings were out in force, Looby wanted to catch them of course and take them home! Anyway it was nice to just get out and be somewhere sunny and peaceful again, I have had a huge headache all afternoon but I think it's just worrying about the impending op, atleast with Abigails Birthday on Sunday I shouldn't have a lot of time to worry over the weekend!

I went to the doctors this morning to get a couple of relaxants for Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, I doubt I would even get as far as the hospital without them! LOL

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