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Monday, May 29, 2006

If I were a rich man...

I would probably be out on the yacht somewhere sailing around the bahamas but sadly I'm not, I'm sitting here on the sofa listening to everyone shouting at each other, Paul is angry with the children as he's just found that they have been doing painting in their bedroom, who knows where the paint even came from, things are clearly not tickety boo today but then thats life, things are usually far from perfect.

The parents came earlier to drop the gamecube off for Iain, they stayed all of 20 mins which was quite long enough for me to want to kill myself atleast 6 times, it looks like mum hates Paul and Paul hates mum at the moment which is lovely for me as you can imagine, yes truly it's one of those days when I could quite happily crawl under a rock and not come out again for a very long time.

Hormones are obviously awry again today, I daresn't say anything though as Paul seems like he's on the verge of being mad already and i don't think I can deal with a whole day where everyone ends up mad with everyone else.

Argghhhhh, I hate school holidays.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure your mother doesn't hate me....

Anonymous said...

Go to the bottom of the garden and scream. Then let Paul have a turn :)


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