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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Money Box and Big Brother Update

My friend Cubby, an accomplished altered artist, challenged me to come up with a piece of art which thought outside the box so I'm hoping that this fits the brief.

I give you Money box, a box covered entirely in bank notes, there's a hole in the top which you can sort of see where the coin is sticking out, there's also coins in the bottom of the box, I achieved this by covering a box with old foreign currency and then distressing with a nail file and tim holtz ink pads, I added the slot for the coins and then added those with some diamond glaze, I love this because it's different.

In other news, I see Shabaz left the Big Brother house, probably for the best I would say considering he was slightly bonkers and probably went out of the BB door and straight into a very long session of therapy, quite frankly how they let someone in the house who then was heard to say on camera that he had come to die in the house and kill himself on camera I'll just never know.

It makes you wonder how the dynamics of the house will now change and who will be the next one to become the house scapegoat, I'll tell you one thing dear reader, I think they should all be very careful with Richard, because boy does that Cat have some sharp nails! Posted by Picasa
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