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Monday, May 01, 2006

A fippity floppity kind of a day!

Yes tis May Day bank holiday and everyone has gone out so only me which gets a huge WOOOOOHOOOO!

I told Paul before he went off to his dads with the girls that I was going to do as little as humanely possible today, Iain is off at his friends for the day so no parental duties at all, I do have a niggly little pain which is going to turn into a migraine but I'll deal with that when it gets here and the bonus is that I can actually have a migraine in peace!!

I really need this day of rest though as tommorrow I have my hsopital pre-admission check to make sure I am fine for my op next week, then Wednesday I am off to a research panel, then Thursday I have to take Looby to another hospital to get her nobble on her ankle checked, then it's Abigails birthday on Sunday and the resulting party which promises to be complete chaos!!

Well dear reader thats me for now, I am off to have a nice big cup of coffee and put my feet up!!

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