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Monday, May 08, 2006

Dragged out

Yes it's true, before I even got the chance to blog this morning I was dragged to go shopping for all my supplies to take to hospital, I bought leisurewear by the pileful, I plan to be casual yet stylish, anxious yet calm and ill yet well!

I had to start on my course of tablets today which will hopefully get me to hospital without too much angst, I was going to start tommorrow night but Paul suggested that I start them this afternoon after the total mess I have been all day. I took the first one at 2pm and now I am feeling all calm and wavvy, it's quite a nice feeling as it goes and as long as I can stay like this till my operation on Thursday I should be fine!!

I still have to pack of course and that should be fun as I am not one for travelling light!!

Well thats just a quick update just to say I am alive, if I write anything else it will just be rambling nonsense so I'll not bother!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mandy!! Thanks for stopping by and it's good to know you're ok. :) My blog went all tiny becasue I'm playing around with templates. I have some lame html and layout knowledge and I like to excercize my brain every now and again. Not often mind you but just on the rare occasion. LOL I need to get away from selling lipgloss one of these days.

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