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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Delish Doodlebug!!

Have you seen all the new stuff from Doodlebug, I just nearly passed out with excitement, you have to go and check out the silk flowers at HappyScrapper

All the stuff in this week is amazing and guess how lucky I am, I get to play with some for my design team gig, that makes the prospect of 8 days in hospital slightly more bearable, after all you can't stay unhappy when you are faced with a nice pile of doodlebug goodies! I think I am going to have to order some especially for my stay!!

We had a nice day today, the weather was gorgeous and we took the girls down to Jesmond dene for a big walk down to the old watermill and waterfall, it was so peaceful and serene and the girls collected feathers and ate ice-creams, we were only out for a couple of hours but it was so refreshing and relaxing, I'm so glad that the summer is coming!!

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