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Sunday, May 21, 2006

"We are the Winners" Euro-post

Oh yes the Lithuanian entry was actually the best song of Eurovision IMHO but alas although it got my vote and 10 points from the UK and 12 points from Ireland it failed to beat the finish rock group "Lordi" and their "Hard Rock Heaven" It's slightly refreshing that something other than Bland europop won the day, however I do think that if you have the Cheek to sing "We are the Winners, We are the winners, We are the winners of eurvision" then you should win without question, after all the poor Lithuanians are hardly going to be able to release it as a single now!

My parents are trying to connect to the internet at the moment, Argh, I can't even begin to tell you the grief I have had, I spent atleast a couple of hours on the phone with them last night and I've just spoken to them again this morning and tried sending them emails which I'm praying work, I just don't get it, they're both intelligent people, Dad is the master with photoshop, surely setting up an email addy cant be that difficult, I even went to the trouble of setting dad up with an MSN one which was fine and then just as I was setting mums up she had a tantrum saying that she wanted her Talk Talk one, so I had to get off the phone, if the saying no rest for the wicked is to be believed then I must surely be really really evil!

No big brother news this morning as I was watching Eurovision, I guess I'll catch up with all the happenings when it's repeated at lunchtime on Ch4.

The Random image today is of the Rue De Paris, Europes largest travelling big wheel, this photo was later played with just a little and featured on my first ever published layout!

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