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Friday, May 19, 2006

Feeling Fresh Friday

Aye Carumba to use words of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! I'm feeling tired but well this morning even though I ended up staying up late working on a design team project, I think it was partly due to the fact that I was enjoying the company of this years housemates on Day 1 of Big Brother 7, i'm thinking that blogs around the country have gone into hyperdrive about BB7 so I won't go on too much about it at this point dear reader as if like me you're a bit of a blog surfer you may well be bored already, all I will say is, could you get a bigger bunch of nutters all in one house, Friction, I think there's going to be padded cells, strait jackets and large doses of Largactil by week 2 and thats just for us Viewers. To be quite honest I was expecting Car Crash TV but I didn't quite expect it to be a whole 13 car pile-up! LOL

The nurse is coming to check on me today but to be honest I am fine, still a wee bit tired and occasionally sore as well as feeling like I have just done 3 hours solid on an ab-trainer (without much success I have to add) I actually feel like I am healing at a super human rate, maybe my bloodline is actually connected with Superman. I even abandoned the Leisure wear this morning, there's only so long a girl can survive in tracksuits. No I have cleverly worn a super summery skirt with a fabulous knitted tank top, actually I think I don't look so bad for 8 days post surgery, my tummy still seems to be bigger than it was a week ago though so it's just as well I kept some of the larger clothes. I think paul appreciated the fact that I looked nice too, it's hard for our relationship when you have to care for someone, atleast if he is having to he might as well have a stylish patient! LOL

Sadly the only thing spoiling my look today is the yellow bruises which stretch from just under my thumbs to half way up my arms and then to add insult to injury I have more at the top of my arms, darn Heparin!

I just hope that if we do make it to the LSS today (thats Local Scrapbook Store for any non-scrappers) they don't think that he's given me the bruises.

One last thought for this morning :- Even when everyone leaves for school in the morning I never bother to turn off Nick Jnr, could this be that I'm just oblivious to the TV or could it actually be that I have a secret addiction to Fifi and her Flowertot adventures?!

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