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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm a fraud!!

I'm sorry, I really am but I think I must come clean, you see the thing is, if you visit every day you may notice that I have jumped up the top 50 scrappers by about 30 places, wow you may be thinking, this Gal is popular, or Wow she must have some really great art and scrapping on that blog (which of course I have, It's all Fabulous Dahlinks!! TeehEEhEE) but alas it's all a bit of a fraud, you see I joined this thing called Blog explosion ages ago and I started using it a couple of days ago and then I joined blog mad and started this kind of surfing program, you know the kind of thing, or if you don't basically you click on a number it takes you to a random blog, you stay for 30 seconds or hopefully longer if you like it then you move on to the next random number.

I have actually found some hidden wonders on my surfing jouneys to check out those in my blogmarked column, but to be honest mostly all I have done is surfed and clicked, surfed and clicked and sometimes that 30 seconds has seemed like 3 years, I'm sure mine might have seemed like this to some, anyway I now find out I have an average rating of 6.0 which is just slightly above mediocre, oh well I suppose it could have been worse and you know what if it gets some more readers of the scrappy variety then thats not such a bad thing either!

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