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Monday, May 22, 2006

Lovely Monday!

It has been a super-d-duper Monday today, I feel completely spoiled, the Prima papers are just amazing and being all double sided I feel like I could use them twice, I love double-sided papers!

Sarah and her cutiepie cousin came this afternoon bearing gifts, a wee Elephant called Elliot, I think he's made by the same people who make the tatty teddies, I'll have to take a photo of him, he's super cute and tucked under my arm having a cuddle as I type!

I really appreciate the wonderful friends I have, from the posts on the blogs, to the cards through the door, to those few chosen words at just the right time, they all mean so much in different ways, gosh it's great to have friends.

I had a little nap when Sarah went home as I had some funny double vision going on, i'm guessing it was just tiredness as after I had been to bed for an hour or so and then Paul had cooked my tea, I'm feeling fine. There's just 1 thing which I can't do at the moment which I am really really looking forward to doing, I have another 17 days to go according to the list, I won't say what it is as this is not an over 18 blog IYKWIM ;) Oh and plus my parents are atlast on the internet, Heaven Help me if they discover my blog! LOL

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