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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Post Operative Virus!

Oh My Goodness me, I feel horrendous this morning, I have known for a few days that this would happen, Looby has had the snuffles for a couple of days and I said then that if I so much as looked at her being so fresh from surgery I would end up with a full blown virus and Boy have I got one, I have the cold from hell, I didn't sleep at all last night and this morning my face feels like it's going to fall off which is not a nice feeling I can tell you, I'm burning up and unfortunately my bedroom is like a sauna in the mornings and coupled with my hot flushes you can imagine i feel like I have just spent three days in the middle of a scorching desert with more to come.

I'm miserable and fed up, as if having major surgery wasn't enough!

I'll post again later if I can be bothered, oh and just 1 thing to say about Big Brother, is it possible that everyone will be coupled off by the end of the week because Grace was at it last night with that guy who thinks he's gods gift to the world, I have no idea of his name as he's so completely bland. Oh and can we get rid of Bunnah this week because she's already irritating me more than I can bear, I think she's the next scapegoat perhaps?!

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