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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Whacky wednesday!

Well it is if you live in our house :)

Don't you just hate feeling completely insane, most days I have some feelings of random insanity, some days I just feel like I have completely lost the plot, today I am grouchy, crabby and feeling just a little like I might be having one of those lost the plot type days.

Have you clicked my links yet?

You know if you haven't visited The Craft Kingdom yet why not stop by and join up today, joining is free and you can join in with all manner of challenges, swaps and competitions, we really do seem to give away stuff all the time and we're buiding up a really nice community of lovely crafters from all walks of life, go on give it a try, it's only a click of the mouse!!

Photo for the day in a mo, I'll upload directly from picasa as it's so much easier!

Have a great day dear readers and I'll be back later if I have a sudden urge to share any important news!!

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