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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hospital Angst

Went to the hospital this morning for my pre-admission appointment and was anxious as can be, my blood pressure was sky high and after the first unsuccessful attempt to draw blood I was quite franly a mess, luckily the staff were just superb and gave me and Paul cups of tea and scrummy chocolate cake.

So after a small to medium wait the Doctor came down to take blood and made me lie down first just to be on the safe side! LOL anyway he was successful and I'm already for my admission next Wednesday.

They also promised that they would try and get me a room on my own which should help with the anxiety and the seperation from Paul, the fact that my agoraphobia centres itself around being attacked by strangers really doesn't help in situations such as hospital stays.

I did find out though that they still haven't got the internet installed which was not good news. Hopefully Paul will pop on a couple of updates just to let everyone know that the op has gone well and that I'm ok.

He's such a sensitive soul, we were walking out of the hospital and he picked up an organ donor leaflet, looked at me and said "Just in case"!! Just as I was about to hit him for that comment he said "they can have everything except your eyes and your heart, they belong to me" He's a sweetie at heart!!

Now I just have to figure out how much of my scrapping stuff to take with me!!

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