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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Early Morning... That can't be right!

I was going to share a photo of Newcastle early in the morning but I can't find any at the moment, so I thought I would share this one, this is Tynemouth Priory, or part of it anyway, it's a couple of miles from where we live right on the coast, one of my favourite places to go and chill and be by the sea. I might get there today, as I am definetly in need of chilling and thats with the chill pills I am taking at the moment. They are working, the first one knocked me for 6, the second one just kept me chilled and then I took another one when I got up at an insanely early time this morning, I'm not usually one for early mornings at all, usually I like to sleep until the last possible minute but my body and head is obviously so worried about tommorrow that it's affecting my sleep, the meds of course made me snore so I found poor hubby at 1am this morning on the settee, I dragged him to bed anyway as I didn't want to be in bed on my own.

We have nothing really planned for today, we were going to take granny shopping but we did that yesterday so I guess we'll have to come up with some plan to get through the next 24-36 hours, till my admission at 1pm tommorrow, I have to ring up at 7am in the morning to check that a bed is still available and OMG I will not be a happy bunny if there isn't one, can you imagine.

I do have to do all my packing still and I have a bag which is as big as a small childs room but a girl needs her stuff, I am not travelling lightly but then I refuse to look awful in hospital, even went for shoes which wouldn't look too bad with those awful DVT thrombosis socks they insist on making you wear after you have had surgery, knee high and nearly opaque white, the only person who would look good in those is Britney Spears!!, I did buy some rather attractive flat shoes as opposed to traditional slippers which I would not be seen in for hell or high water and as for a dressing gown well I have given that one a miss entirely. Some of my pyjamas are unable to go though, Paul likes them A LOT IYKWIM ;), and they're great for Eye Candy moments but yet I think I may do strange things to the doctors so they have to stay at home. I went for some shorts in the end, I could not under any circumstances be seen dead in those awful T-shirt nighties with bears and cutely things on the front, it aint me at home and it certainly won't be me in hospital, it's not that I'm a vain person dear reader I just think that just because you have to have major surgery doesn't mean you can't be stylish with it, I am only 32 after all.

News from granny yesterday was that Mum will not be visiting on account fo her still having what has now become a 3 month strop over nothing, who is the grown up in this situation I ask myself!

Granny is only coming when she can get a lift from Paul, so I guess I am going to be bored beyond belief during the daytimes, I do have one friend who said she would come see me which is nice, I have to say that she is the only RL friend I have and I met her online! LOL

Well I think that is enough rambling from me but Cubby over at the cubbycave sent me this link and to not share it would just be wrong I give you, Light up Slippers!!

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Anonymous said...

Sending you chill pill thoughts honey. If I was closer I'd come and visit as well but I'll be there in spirit.

Elfin one

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