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Sunday, May 28, 2006


Ah, fresh bread there's nothing in the world like it, I have been making my own bread ever since my granny taught me how to, this photo I'm sure demonstrates the yummy qualities of bread, this however is not my bread and I'm not entirely capable of doing a big bread-making session at the moment.

We came up with the solution this morning though, we were ambling round the local boot sale when what did we spot but a Breadmaker, Paul went and haggled a little and voila we now have a breadmaker for the bargain price of £4.50, I hasten to add that if you bought one of these new it would cost £49.95, so I'm quite happy, my first loaf is busy doing its' thing and should be ready at 4pm! I think the best thing is that this is zero effort for maximum results as I was even lazy enough to buy a breadmix, instead of having to mix up and weigh out the ingredients myself!

Anyone coming round to my house for a nice cup of tea and some home-made bread and jam?
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