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Friday, May 26, 2006


No Big Brother update from me this morning as I have to admit to not watching (WHAT????) but House already fills my 9-10pm slot on a Thursday and I can't desert lovely Hugh Lawrie 2 weeks in a row.

Is it just me or does anyone else find Gregory House strangely attractive? I have to admit to having a bit of thing for him, yes he may be older and he may be grumpy but he's genius and a little bit horny.

The thing is that I have always have a wee soft spot for Mr Lawrie but his transformation in House is amazing, i often forget that when he's not House he's this terribly polite quite posh englishman, I have seen a multitude of british actors who are wonderful simply destroy themselves with american accents, Ewan mcgregors awful american accent in "The Island" springs to mind, although I quite like his american accent in "Big Fish", I think it needed to be a bit stange for a Tim Burton movie though!

Anyway once again I diagress, I think that Our Hugh has done a wonderful job with "House" it's a drama which is everything that "The West Wing" used to be before the first director left, Aaron something, sorry brain not quite working bu I'm sure any WW fans will remember with fondness how the first 3 series were far superior, ahh those heady Rob Lowe moments!! :D

The thing is though, I love House, I still quite like The West Wing, Love Lost (although it frustrates me to death each and every week), adore Desperate Housewives but just don't really get Greys Anatomy, I have tried to get into that one but maybe they shouldn't have scheduled it straight after House as it really makes it look quite weak and trivial after so much drama, often I find myself on the edge of my seat the entire episode of House and for me thats the way drama should be, yes I know he never makes people better who have simple diseases which aren't going to kill them in the next hour but hey no one said drama had to realistic to be good (Again Look at Lost). Oh and did I forget to mention ER which I can kind of dip in and out of. I would say there is a pattern though have you noticed I haven't mentioned 1 English drama, could that be because we are useless at making them, I haven't seen a decent british drama series since last years "Afterlife" with the uniquely talented Andrew Lincoln (YUMMM) which BTW is scheduled to return later this year. I think when it comes to Drama we have to hand it to the US and say "you win, please keep entertaining us"!!


Anonymous said...

Its Aaron Sorkin, but you already know now because your sitting next to me.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, dunno how I feel about House. It's not bad, but vaguely rediculous that a doctor like that is allowed to practice as the US is so litigious he'd have been sued about 10,000 times by now.

I do think his accent get's in the way, it is very much an English idea of American just like those American ideas of the English accent we hate so much (Moi-ree Pup-pins). I think it would have worked just as well with his own accent which would, for the US audience anyway, gone alongside his strange and eccentric character.

Anonymous said...

As for Mr Laurie being a bit of totty... I think I went through that phase ages ago and it was brief, but definitely not as House tho, no way. He's far too arrogant and scruffy to be attractive.

Mandy Charlton, Photographer, Writer, Blogger said...

Well I never said it was realistic LOL, I think we are going to have to agree to disagree over House, Paul loves it too and he really does with this programme, he's not just saying it to make me happy, unlike that incident with the Apprentice!

Unknown said...

Ok, he is mildly attractive and im having to completly remind myself that he isn't british otherwise he would loose what attractive level he has.

I love his character, very in yourface in a distant way, doesn't beat about the bush.. love him, had a gyno the same way.

The accent is perfect. Want me to call you??? I sound just like that. No accent at all. I was skeptical when the show first came out, how can they get a brit to pull that off.. but then i thought he was replaced by this guy, and then i got a clue that it is the "brit"

We have the same taste in TV.. i watch all of those except for Lost, and i have been able to get into GA.

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