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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sick of being Sick

I'm so officially bored of being able to do nothing and the worst part of it is when I do try to do stuff, I end up in pain afterwards. I didn't sleep well last night again, this pain never goes away, even with medication it's still hurting A LOT! I would hate to think what it would be like without any meds!

On a lighter note, when I did sleep last night I dreamt that I had a doppleganger who was in "Lost" and kissed Harry Connick Jnr, except that it turned out it was actually me, I had just had an operation and lost my memory, Now you'll understand dear reader I'm not prone to cheating on my hubby even in my dreams, although Ewan Mcgregor often pops up but he knows about that, now it seems like I must have been watching too much "Will and Grace" on Living TV! I've always had a bit of thing for Harry Connick Jnr, he's quite gorgeous but not in the same way as Ewan Mcgregor or indeed my very own gorgeous hubby who I genuinely fancy more than "Flake pralines" If you have ever eaten one of those you'll understand quite how much I fancy my hubby, there's just something about that jawline, furrowed brow, deep blue eyes and scrumptuous bum which still makes me wobbly, even as I am now without my ovaries, something is tingling, I might not be able to do much but at least the veiw is nice whilst I am getting better!!

On another note which is absolutely different from all of the above I want to give a great big blogging mention to the wonderous publication which is Scrapbook Answers, even in my post operational recovery I have devoured the May issue which is wonderfully chocolaty, even the cover is a dark hue of Galaxy.

I think Scrapbook Answers is even better than Creating Keepsakes, British Editors of Scrapping mags should look at Scrapbook Answers as being the way top go with Scrapping Mag Publication in this country, the thing about SA is that it's not filled with just layouts, it's fresh, it's new, it has genuinely interesting and wordy articles, it's not just the how of scrapping it's the Who, the When and the Why also, I've not spoken to one scrapper (new or experienced) who didn't like this publication and I think if we could just get this kind of thing in a british publication then we could compete with some of the bigger mags worldwide.

On that note I'm going to go and finish watching the morning episode of Will and Grace on Ch4, Oohhhheeeeee YummmY Harry CJ

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