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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hubby posting

For all you out there who read Mandy's posts, sorry but this is hubby. Mandy asked me to post if i could but i'm not as prolific as her so here goes.

Mandy went into hospital yesterday and although she struggles around people by last night when i saw her she was settled in. She was told her surgery was at 9am today but as of now 12noon i have heard nothing, as soon as i do i will post.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

I'm Kirstin, one of Mandy's friends, we met on metcheck! Thanks for keeping her blog updated. I hope by now Mandy has had her op and is doing well. Please send my love to her. Hope you and the kids are coping without her ok.

KC x

Anonymous said...

Hello Paul

Like Kirstin - I'm another of Mandy's friends, amongst those of us who met through Metcheck. Paul, we've all been thinking about Mandy and sending positive vibes to her, willing her to come through, as she will :o)

Vibes are also being sent to you as you must be on tenterhooks wondering how she is. Take care of yourself and those stunning kids of yours. Please give her my love and the biggest hug that she can cope with.

Auntie Rhona xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul

Just another of Mandy's cyber friends, How is she? I hope that the op went well, please send her my love and tell her I'm still saying prayers and sending her positive thoughts, hope all is well at home with you and the kids take care.

Jacqueline (aka Krystal Majik)

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul and Mandy

Hope the op went ok. Hoping to pop in on saturday for an hour. Hope thats ok.

Hope the fairies are behaving themselves too for you Paul.

Take care


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul , Mandy & Family,

I'm Carol, I too 'met' Mandy on Metcheck which now seems like an age away! I feel we've known each other years, I wish we DID in the flesh so to speak likewise with my other best friends I've met there.
I too hope Mandy's doing well, can you send my love also to her, have been thinking about her yesterday & today, only just managed to look at her blog! Please let us know how she is as soon as you can.

Big hugs to you both xxxxx

Carol xxx

Anonymous said...

What is metcheck???


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the kind words, i will try and update blog later tonight.

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