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Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's all Happening...

at the Craft kingdom, I can't beleive it but thanks to ingenious hard-work by Kirsteen we have almost doubled our membership in the space of the day. Now really is the time to join as we have fabulous things planned for the months ahead, start small, aim high, work hard, I think is the motto. We now have some of my favourite retailers on the site, HappyScrapper (of course!!), The Scraporium, Scrapshed, Scrapbooking Castle (whom I haven't shopped with before but I have heard the most fabulous glowing reports), gosh I'm sure there were a couple more too, oh and a huge gaggle of lovely TLC peeps, Cubby if you are reading can you get back to me about what the correct term is for a group of TLC'ers!! ;) :D

So, lots and lots of things going on, don't forget we are having a Cyber Crop class and challenge on Saturday, I have still to write the class and it really doesn't help that I am now Uber nervous!!

In other news it's the local elections today so Abigail gets the day off nursery as they're using it as a polling station, Iain veiws this as very unfair as he still has to go to school!

Watched the Apprentice last night and for once I was shocked by the result, I really thought that Paul was going to win it or atleast get through to the final with Ruth, but no it's an all girl final and I'm hoping that I manage to watch it in hospital. I only just found out that my lovely hubby has been watching it with me every week and he doesn't even like it, 10 weeks of watching and he never said a thing till last night!!

Right, much to do and I already have a migraine coming on!

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Anonymous said...

I agreed with 'the big Al' when he fired Paul. He's just a bit of a gobshite whom lacks substance.

the big Sir A should have given Ansell a chance: he deomstrated he can get results without beating people about the head with a bogbrush, isn't spouting bullshit all the time like the others, doesn't suck up all deferential to 'the Sir A' and whilst a good salesman is mouldable and a vessel to be filled with other skills. Just look at the cool and calm way he brought the team back on target ("the shower-towel scene") when Sayed, Manny and the other one were bickering like old women.

I think Sir A decided he was going to stay in touch with Ansell because he realised he really had made a mistake in firing him.

I think Ruth is too in yer face for anyone to get along with her.

You know I'm right Big Al, you know I'm right.

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