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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I've been tagged!!

Yes cubby tagged me so here goes:-

5 items in my fridge - camenbert in breadcrumbs with an cranberry and apple dip
large bag of fresh salad
Rainbow Stir Fry mix
Fresh cream from the isle of Jersey
Apple Pie

5 items in my closet - My favourite wrap around paisley dress
black jeans with sparkles
little black dress
Knicky Knacky Knoos

5 items in my purse- (I interpreted this as handbag)

Trimethoprim (anti-biotic)
Tibolone (HRT)
Nicorette Microtabs (not even had 1 today, YAYAY)
Purse with about £1.20 in as hubby handles the cash in our house! :D

5 Items in my car - Dolly Dolleson
Loose Coppers
petrol can
a pink raffia butterfly

As much as I would now love to tag people, all my friends have been tagged! LOL, however, I double tag my hubby just to make sure he completes this task!

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