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Friday, May 19, 2006

Random Photo and Big Brother 7

I thought I would share another random photo from my collection as I have still to take even 1 since my return from my NHS holiday camp!

This is Abigail looking quite bored at Grandmas, she often gets this look, I would say on average she gets it atleats once every 30 seconds that she's not doing something or atleast every 5 minutes when she needs to change activity, Abigail has Pauls ADHD gene and is enough child for 1 whole entire family and I'm talking full time mum and dad. Iain and Looby together are a piece of cake compared with Abigail, as much as I love her she's the child who sends me to the edge of despair. She does luckily have some gorgeous qualities too which is just as well really!

So Big Brother 7, Day 1, Shabaz is possibly the most annoying Gay man ever, Of all the gay men I have met and beleive me there have been quite a few, I used to go out every Saturday night with a group of atleast 20 of us and going to the same club for 3 years straight (or not straight! LOL) means that we all ended up knowing just about everyone at the Club, If you were in the Powerhouse in Newcastle any time between 1998 and 2001, then I probably chatted with you, cos boy did I chat to everyone, I was talky talkerson Friday night till Sunday night, the good ol days of me being off the rails and a complete party animal! I might tell you all about it sometime but I think some of you might be a little bit on the shocked side!!

Anyway I hugely digress, BB7, quite liking Pete, Loving Richard and quite liking the welsh chick, lets see how it progresses over the weekend, sadly I am addicted already!

I was feeling top of the tower today and I helped around the house, then we went out and about and then to see Granny for an hour and then I came home with a sore head, sore tummy and sore throat, slept for 2 hours and have been shattered ever since, yes I know that it's all my own fault and I shall be trying to take it easier tommorrow but as no one has offered to have the children for even an hour over the weekend I can't see it happening, Paul of course says he will take the kids out when I need to rest but Blimey the poor guy is shattered and we had to sit the kids down and tell them that Grandad Norman doesn't want to see them anymore because they won't call Auntie Pat Grandma and that wasn't easy as they don't really understand, I should state that Auntie Pat has been with norm for the last 6 years, however they still live seperately and see each other on Wednesdays and the Weekends, hardly a committed grandma and grandad situation. If they ever live together or get married I may change my veiws but given that she has never even bough the kids sweeties in the last 6 years I don't think I'll be changing my opinions.

Thats it, Epistle and Rant over!!

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Anonymous said...

I love that picture.

I've never watched Big Brother....must be a night that I work.

Have a good weekend sweetie!

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