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Monday, May 22, 2006

Murky Monday!

It's so dull and rainy today and it's supposed to remain like this the entire week would you beleive, I thought I might have to cheer us all up with a sunny summer photograph, this one is Abigail taken a couple of summer ago, I think in 2004, it's in mum and dads gardens and yes I can almost feel the summery sunshine.

I hope dear reader that this morning it's sunny whereever you happen to be reading this from, I am assured that somebody somewhere does in fact read it, some people even come back *SHOCK*

Nothing very much to say this morning, it's Monday, it's raining, day 11 post operatively and still sore and tired, other than that all is relatively well, My friend Sarah (a real life one!!) is coming over to visit at lunchtime which will be so great. I must add the link to her blog actually, it's called forget me knot (she's more forgetful than I am), go visit and i'll add it to my links in a little while!

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