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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Still Lost!!

I had to do a collage for the research thing I am going to today, I actually did 3 but I thought I would share one of them, I was actually far too lazy to do it with photoshop so I cheated and did it with a few smaller clicks in Picasa, gotta love that programme considering it's free!!

Oh yes and as for Lost, tell me why I stayed up till Midnight and watched the first 2 episodes when the second one was practically the same as the first.

I'm no further in having any answers at all and if it continues like this for the whole of the second series I may have to go and occasionally scream into cupboards, it's just sooo infuriating!!

It's my Mums birthday today, I know that she doesn't read this but you never know, my dad was waiting to get the internet installed the last time I spoke to him so maybe they have and they have found my wee space! If by some miracle you are reading this mum, Happy Birthday!!

I'm going to get the kids to call he in 15 mins and sing a big happy birthday to her, for some reason she likes being woken early by singing children, sounds like something out of "The Sound of Music" to me!!

It's beautifully bright and sunny here today, I have heard the forcasters say that it could get up to 25c tommorrow in certain parts, hurray for summer coming, it's been such a long and awfully cold winter, I hope that we get a hot summer in return!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mandy's Mum.

Mandy why are you doing Collages? The weather report I saw said that London was going to get up to 25 but most of the rest of the country was going to be around 20!


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