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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Anenomes and Pauls great footballing challenge!!

Whilst spending a hour at the beach with our daughter yesterday I spotted these anenomes quite happy sitting in shallow waters so my trusty camera thought it might get a photo of them, I suppose these will either bore you silly or you'll think they're fascinating, sorry if it's the former! LOL Thing is though I live in the north of England, it's not like we have coral reefs and tropical fish, this is about as exciting as it gets!

In Other news, my hubby has taken the decision to go and play football for Chester-le-street football club, they play in the Northern League, my hubby has a great footballing history, his uncle was the great Tommy Baldwin and Paul trained to play for Crystal Palace when he was younger before an injury ended his dreams of playing premier league football (although it was first division in those days) anyway it's a long story but last year Paul was playing sunday football and although he has problems with psychotic anxiety he managed to get through the season and his team won the league cup. So this year I really want him to exercise his full potential and am supporting him 110% to go and play Saturday football once more, I know he has the potential to be fantastic and although he's terrified because of the paranoia and making 3 million excuses already I am sure that he's going to do this and do it with passion, I really love my hubby! His first training session is at 7pm on Monday night, so send him all a little positive energy to get through it because I'm guessing that the first time is going to be the worst. I guess he's a great example of feeling the fear and facing it anyway!

Now then if some scrapbooking magazine editor is out there reading can you give me a job please, I think I would make a great feature writer and I have passion by the bagful, I really need someone out there to spot my potential as I have so much to offer and inspite of my own challenges I am determined to get there!! Posted by Picasa


jafabrit said...

LOL in all the years at the seaside up north, nope don't recall seeing such a big red anenomie. Cool.

sending footy vibes to your hubby :)

Rosemary said...

I would never have guessed that anemones lived anywhere along the English coast. Must be the Gulf Stream! The pictures are beautiful!


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